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Dating Coaching and Dating Workshops

Many members come to RSVP at a transition point in their life - maybe after the breakdown of a relationship or a period of time away from dating.

That's why, as a caring organisation, we offer personal coaching and regular workshops to make sure that:

  • You are well-prepared for the excitements and challenges that RSVP membership brings.
  • We can offer you a safe haven to discuss any personal issues which are unresolved when you join or emerge during your membership.

  • Your communication skills are polished to perfection, so you can make the best of opportunities that arise.

  • You're self-aware and careful about the way you interact with other members, at a time when you and they may lack confidence and robustness.


Personal Dating Coaching: Why do it?

RSVP's Dating Coach writes...

"If only life was a perfect uninterrupted happy journey from beginning to end!

For most of us that journey encounters various topographical challenges - hills, rivers, crossroads; some of these are of our own making; some are not and it's at times like these that we can benefit from exploring the choices open to us with someone who's trained to tease out the issues. It's often that vocalisation of how we're feeling that can set us back on the right track.

There are no prescriptions in coaching.

Dating Coaching It is a holistic profession where every client is accepted as the special individual that they truly are. Coaching is a progressive process where stumbling blocks are converted into stepping-stones and where each step brings the client closer to the fulfilment of their desires and potential.

It's the role of a personal coach to support you in achieving whatever you want to achieve - whether that's in the next few weeks or beyond.

You only get one life; you deserve to live that life as happy, content and fulfilled as you can be."


Personal Dating Coaching: how it works

The process works thus:

You and RSVP's dating coach will have an initial conversation, probably by phone.

Between you, you will agree what kind of consultation process would work best. This might be an agreed number of sessions.

Or it might be a call-off arrangement, where you agree to a certain number of hours and you call those hours off as and when you need them.

It's often beneficial to meet face-to-face at least once, but after that initial face-to-face, you may find that telephone sessions are sufficient.

Our dating coach is very flexible and focused on what works best for you.


Dating Workshops

From time to time we run dating workshops, which are aimed at members who've been away from dating for a while and want some practice in a safe and non-judgemental environment for how to get the best out of their RSVP dating or singles events membership.

So we look at communication techniques, interpreting body language, confidence-building, what to do when the conversation dries up, combatting nerves and plenty of other useful,

practical tools that'll make your dating life just that little bit easier.

The emphasis is on relaxed and fun; it's not like a training course. We usually run them in small groups in tucked away country hotels on Saturdays or Sundays.

They're obviously valuable for people, because they keep coming back and we get some great feedback.

RSVP Dating Workshop
Our Personal Coaching and Dating Workshops are open, as all our services are, to all levels of RSVP membership. These are just two of the many benefits you'll enjoy as an RSVP member. We also offer an image coaching service, so you can look your finest as well as feel it.



RSVP Dating Masterclass feedback

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