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Great Gorilla Run 2007

RSVP cupids with their medals

Kerry receives her medal from Bill Oddie

We're all really proud of Anne, Theresa and Kerry, who on Saturday 22nd September joined 500 gorilla-suited enthusiasts on the streets of London to run 7km in the name of gorilla conservation.

They donned their customised bride, groom and cupid gorilla suits to help raise money to save the world's last remaining gorillas from extinction.

It might not be easy running 7km in a full gorilla suit – but they managed a time of 1hr 30mins, including stops for TV interviews! All runners were raising sponsorship for the Gorilla Organisation, all of which goes directly towards the organisation’s conservation programme in the forests of central Africa.

Chief Matchmaker Anne has experienced first-hand the plight of the gorillas and has seen for herself the hard work conservationists do to keep this exquisite animal from extinction when she visited Rwanda in 2005 and Kenya in 2007.

The intrepid runners' exploits certainly attracted plenty of media attention, from the national television news, Milton Keynes Citizen, Northants Evening Telegraph and Anglia TV.

We raised £880 for the Gorilla Organisation! Thanks so much to all our kind donors. Every donation has helped in some small way to save these wonderful gentle creatures from otherwise certain extinction.

Bill Oddie gets a sweaty hug from Theresa

Phil Tufnell in an RSVP sandwich

Gorilla interview RSVP cupids at rest Gorillas sliding Gorillas warming up

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